New York Film Group is a unique collective made up of directors, producers, cinematographers, screen writers, sound designers, photographers, composers, actors, and students that collaborate on a wide range of creative filmmaking projects. Members range the gamut from well known professionals, to students, to those just interested in learning and being a part of a creative community. Great friendships are made here, and anyone with a positive outlook on the creative possibilities is welcome.


Our mission is simply to make great films. Passionate members of the NYFG gain a wealth of education and knowledge in every aspect of the modern filmmaking processes through hands on experience on the set of real productions.


NYFG meetings, which are held regularly, offer creative professionals and students great opportunities to build their network and make connections with other people that are passionate about filmmaking, and members are encouraged to work together on projects both within and outside of the group.


New York Film Group projects are professional from start to finish.

Membership means that you must be proactively involved in some of the NYFG projects throughout the year, which range from short films to full length features. There is power in numbers, and as a collective group we have access to a wide selection of locations, props, and best in class equipment as well.


If you are interested in becoming a member of the New York Film Group, please visit us on Facebook or join our group on meetup.com, and come to one of our meetings. There is no doubt that you will find a fun and creative group of talent that is action oriented, and excited about collaborating to produce great films.



Tj Collins is an award-winning filmmaker with over a dozen films produced including short and feature narratives. His feature film debut "Willets Point" received the Audience Award at the Long Island International Film Expo and was theatrically released in the fall of 2010. Willets Point was received to positive reviews in the New York Times, Nov 2010 edition.

Mr. Collins has served as a peer judge for the New York Emmy Awards and is a member of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, New York Chapter. He is a NALIP Producers Academy and Screenwriters Lab Fellow 2009. Additionally his screenplay "ELI MORAN" was one of ten nationally selected projects for the NALIP Screenwriters Lab sponsored by The Walt Disney Company, NBC Universal, FOX and HBO. In 2011 he Co-Founded the New York Film Group- A membership organization comprised of over 6,000 film and media makers in NYC. As an educator, TJ has taught acting classes at the One on One NYC, the top actors' networking facility in Manhattan, teaching acting for the camera since 2016.

Presently, Mr. Collins is in post production with two feature films that he directed that includes the supernatural horror thriller "The Murders of Cane Hill and the sports drama "Eli Moran" starring David Zayas (Dexter, The Expendables) and Reynaldo Piniella (Broken City, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close).